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Tom & Chee Franchise Wins Praise for Revamped Menu

Tom & Chee Franchise Wins Praise for Revamped Menu

The rising melts franchise unveils new menu to media praise

Tom & Chee recently revamped our beloved menu for the first time in our 10 year history, and we’re already receiving high praise from the media.

Our new menu manages to keep all of the old favorites, such as our artisanal spin on the grilled cheese and our decadent grilled cheese donut, as well as our homemade tomato soup, we added new items to make our menu more inclusive, with handcrafted melts, delicious salads, and more.

Now, Tom & Chee has something on the menu for everyone, no matter the dietary or lifestyle preferences, which will help our franchisees win sales and help our guests create memories every time they come in.

Here’s what the Cincinnati Business Journal had to say about our new and improved menu:

Cincinnati-born melts and soup restaurant – and “Shark Tank” phenom – Tom & Chee is releasing its first new menu since the company was acquired by Gold Star Chili.

Tom & Chee is rolling out a simplified menu that has been revamped to include new elevated sandwiches. It’s the first major change since the company was acquired by Gold Star in 2017.

“People look at our menu and say, ‘it’s just grilled cheese and soup, I can make that at home,'” co-founder Jenny Rachford told me. “We had to do something to cut through that perception.”

The menu has been in testing for about a year and has been simplified to focus on the new elevated sandwiches, while still maintaining old comfort food favorites and Tom & Chee’s famous donut grilled cheese. Many of the new items are updated and elevated takes on existing sandwiches. The menu of salads has also been updated with new additions.

We encourage you to read the entire article, by clicking here.

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