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Tom & Chee Franchise Makes the News on National Grilled Cheese Day

Tom & Chee Franchise Makes the News on National Grilled Cheese Day

Rising grilled cheese franchise hands out free grilled cheese sandwiches to celebrate national event

April 12 might seem like any old day, but if you’re a fan of America’s favorite sandwich, you will be delighted to know that April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day.

That’s right. The grilled cheese sandwich has an entire day devoted to celebrating its glory, and no brand does the grilled cheese better than Tom & Chee.

To celebrate the event, Tom & Chee gives out free grilled cheese donuts to customers, who were in for an even bigger treat this year, as Tom & Chee recently unveiled a brand new menu featuring handcrafted melts, delicious salads and of course, our famous spin on the grilled cheese sandwich. published an article inviting their readers to sample the new menu on the national holiday:

Since Gold Star bought Tom + Chee in 2017, they’ve been putting the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup chain through some changes. The menu has been streamlined and standardized across locations, some new combination sandwiches added, plus some hearty salads.

A good time to try out the new melts is on National Grilled Cheese Day Friday, April 12. Buy any of those handcrafted melts and you’ll get a free classic Grilled Cheese Donut, the menu item that gave Tom + Chee a big push in the beginning.

They really haven’t changed the basic feel of eating at a Tom + Chee. At least that’s how I felt when I visited the Newport location. The menu is still pretty free-wheeling. You can choose from three breads, six cheeses, six meats and lots of toppings and other ingredients.

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