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Restaurant Labor Cost: How to Estimate Labor Costs

Since labor costs are one of the most expensive parts of running a restaurant, closely tracking labor costs is imperative for success. Here’s how. WHAT PERCENT SHOULD RESTAURANT LABOR COSTS BE? Whether you are an entrepreneur pondering your first, fifth, or 15th small-business venture, many…

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Dairy Queen Franchise Cost vs. Competition

Entrepreneurs researching the market for potential fast-food or fast-casual restaurant franchises have a seemingly endless field of options, but certainly, a few names pop up frequently. One of those typically is Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen Dairy Queen opened in 1940 and has grown as a…

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Melt Shop Franchise Cost vs. Competition

If you’ve been researching Melt Shop in your quest for the right restaurant franchise to buy, you may be wondering how the brand compares with competitors. Let’s take a look at the Melt Shop cost of entry and other aspects of the franchise, alongside a…

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